OVO has no permanent acting company or production team. Instead we maintain a network of associates (currently numbering over 100) who are involved in our work on a production by production basis. Some of our associates are full time professional actors and theatre practitioners, although the majority are not. However, we run the company on a professional basis.

Anyone can become an associate, but the selection process is rigorous, and the standard is high. We have a number of associates who have been involved in almost all our work to date; however, we are keen to attract new blood, and at least a quarter of the company for each OVO production to date have been OVO first timers.

Acting for OVO

Our approach is simple – we look for people who share our values and cast the best person for the part. Prospective acting associates will be asked to audition to join the company. Auditions are held regularly throughout the year.

If you are interested in acting for OVO click here.

OVO Creative Team

We have a wide range of opportunities in creative and production roles. These include stage management, lighting, sound, film, set, costume and properties. As with our cast, we are aiming for professional standards, and all potential members of the team will be asked to participate in a short interview with the production’s Director and Designer. We are also looking to recruit people with no experience of theatrical production who would like to be trained in any of these areas.

If you are interested in joining our creative team click here.