Final casting – The Changeling

The Changeling | 16th-25th May 2019
Maltings Theatre, St Albans

We are looking for two actors to complete our fabulous cast for The Changeling which is on at The Maltings Arts Theatre between 16th and 25th May.

Isabella – F – age 25-40 – the younger wife of the clinic’s owner Alibius, she is (rightly) suspected of multi-infidelity and has a passionate if short-lived fling with ‘The Changeling’ Antonio. A strong, dynamic role with real potential for comedy. The commitment isn’t huge as she appears in two main self-contained scenes.

Jasperino/Jasperina – M/F – age 20-50 – the sidekick of the lover Alsemero, Jasperino helps the action move on whilst enjoying a few flirtacious moments him/herself. Again not a huge commitment with a couple of scenes and a few lines elsewhere.

The play has been cut and neither part is overly daunting lines-wise but they are great fun to play. The rehearsals will be condensed into a short period between 8th April 2019 and the show dates.

The play

First performed in 1622, The Changeling by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley is a brilliant example of how Jacobean drama fused violence with dark humour and sex. In other words, it’s a real crowd-pleaser!

We’re taking a radical approach to the play, setting it in an up market celebrity rehab centre which is part of a reality TV show, ‘The Temple’. This has given us more scope to deal with the asylum parts of the story and to make the idea of ‘change’ more apparent and accessible. We’ll be creating our own TV studio and using live cameras for various things.

The play tells the story of Beatrice Joanna’s fall from grace as she enlists her most hated courtier to murder her fiancé, horribly miscalculating the price she must pay and the lengths they will need to go to keep the crime secret. In a comic parallel plot, in a nearby asylum a jealous doctor suspects his young wife whose favours are sought by two suppose madmen and his henchman.

The resulting horrific carnage is suffused with deadpan  (and sometimes even slapstick)  humour and steaming desire, leaving no-one untouched by the machinations of Beatrice and her willing henchman and nemesis, DeFlores. And nobody is really who they seem at first sight.

Show dates are 16th-18th and 23rd-25th May 2019.

If you are interested, please let me know immediately on 07887 536225 or email me.

David Bevan
Director, The Changeling